Advisory for
strategic acquisitions

What should growth companies consider before making an acquisition to minimize risks and make a truly great purchase? We work according to a model that, based on experience, solves the critical aspects. Based on the strategic direction, we provide analysis and suggest suitable companies. Subsequently, a screening and due diligence process takes place to ensure candidates meet several critical factors. Rene Partner also provides advisory services regarding strategic matters after the acquisition.

Rene Partner acts as an advisor to PPG, an international conglomerate with a turnover of over 300 billion SEK, which has made a strategic decision to consolidate its value chain in Sweden. PPG operates in the construction, consumer products, industrial, and transportation markets.

Rene Partner acted as an advisor to Keller in a strategic acquisition in Norway with the aim of increasing market share and expanding its offerings. Keller is a world-leading ground engineering company with a turnover of approximately 35 billion SEK and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.